Who We Are

GlobalChain Group is a next generation digital banking group, specialising in blockchain and fintech. Our international group of strategic partners offer a truly global reach, with people located in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Singapore, Europe, and Japan.

We offer a full suite of investment services that cover general business financing, KYC and AML compliance, jurisdictional legal and market concerns, structuring, digital marketing, investor relations and more.

We are an international team of high performers with sweepingly diverse talents and backgrounds. We have built companies, protocols, development groups, financial services firms, investment funds, branding and marketing solutions, and we foster the incubation of cutting edge applications.

What We Do

Blockchain is opening the floodgates of investment sourcing in facilitating the fractionalization of real assets. Fractionalizing is the process of digitally dividing or separating ownership interests into small units which can be purchased and sold. This means that now it is possible for anyone from anywhere to invest in, and participate in, the growth potential offered by traditionally exclusive opportunities. Access for all is now possible. Such opportunities include commercial real estate, multi-family housing, private companies, commodities, venture capital funds, private equity funds, hedge funds, start-ups, and even art and wine. Now it is possible for a barista at a coffee shop to participate in the leasing revenues generated by the very building that leases the coffee shop space! This democratization of wealth can have extremely positive effects in a community. Here, pride of investment and ownership surely will be reflected in the newly incentivized care-taking of one’s community (and investment!). Investing can now be uniquely personal and community centric and/or globally derived and exotic with accessibility being the underlying key.

Blockchain is disrupting the traditional issuance process and just as there are tremendous benefits to investors, issuers and asset holders looking to extract equity from otherwise illiquid and indivisible investments can now look to blockchain solutions to open up liquidity sources never before possible. Transaction processing is now instant and an immutable, or unchangeable, record of ownership and contract terms safely resides encrypted and decentralized on the blockchain ledger. Costs of processes and compliance steps are being destroyed with resulting benefit to both issuers and investors.

Investment and contract rules, regulations, restrictions, conditional payments, escrow terms, dividends, etc. are all possible within a smart-contract security which can be coded to self-execute based on these facets. Pure and simple, this is your future and the future is bright.

Intellectually curious, solution driven, attentive, and genuine.

The leaders of GlobalChain Group companies are committed to providing best-in-class solutions for trailblazing clients utilizing the disruption of blockchain to carve and master their future. We draw on our diverse team, experiences, expertise, and collective wisdom to deliver custom counsel and strategic options for blockchain integration. We recognize the trepidation and wonder in whether forging ahead in this new frontier is right for you, so we are happy to sit down and present POC, fully transparent and informational detail, and insight into our custom process from inception to achievement.

Our governance is a flawless process with jurisdictional conditions, KYC (know-your-customer), AML (anti-money laundering), investor accreditation verification, and any bespoke statutes and contingency measures required as prerequisites for digital security transfer. These integrated coding features speed clearing and settlement times and increase the efficiency of corporate actions like dividend payments or proxy voting.

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