A digital banking ecosystem

A multinational strategic alliance of digital financial services

GlobalChain is a cartel of institutional financial firms working on a diverse set of separate deals and creats an efficient structure to ensure the maximum number for high quality deals are put through an efficient machine allowing each group member to participate and add value by concentrating on their niche offering whilst competing at real scale.


Centrality is a peer-to-peer marketplace that is making waves. It has a user base that is looking for decentralized applications and provides developers and businesses with the tools to make their dApps a reality.

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CTIA provides consulting services for fair and secure token generation events. They provide crucial input spanning the technical, financial, and legal aspects of a TGE. Their promotion and engagement capacities are next to none in Asia.

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Gecko Governance

Gecko provides technology that helps companies self-regulate by supporting global transparency, compliance, and accountability requirements before, during, and after token sales.

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Token Generator

Token Generator is a world leading blockchain asset tokenisation platform. The Token Generator platform has helped companies issue compliant, audited token sales for more than $500m in value. Token Generator takes care of KYC, Fraud detection, AML screening , Wallet Screening, Token sales mechanics and token issuance all in a non custodial decentralised way. Token Generator has experience in issuing compliant token sales in 7 global jurisdictions with on the ground tax and legal support.

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Proof Systems

Proof Systems is a branding and marketing company specializing in financial technology. Proof has been involved in over $250 million in funding for projects and startups. Their goal is to develop a clear brand, message, and comprehensive marketing strategy for clients in order to ensure proper onsite optimization, community building, and a successful positioning for both funding and launch.

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